Universitatea „1 Decembrie 1918” din Alba Iulia - Current and Future Perspectives on Teaching and Learning
Current and Future Perspectives on Teaching and Learning



Eusebiu Chercheş, Constantin Cucoş

Building the Society of the Healthy Future: Health Education and the Romanian Curriculum- 9

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Zvetlana Cravcenco

Strategy and Tactics. Essence and Operational in Didactic Context – 13

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Mădălina Ioana Raţiu

Human Resources in Education and Teaching Challenges during the Covid-19 Pandemic - 18

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Stela Spînu

Some Aspects of Organizational Communication in Higher Education Institutions - 24

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Eusebiu Chercheş, Constantin Cucoş

Self-Organized Learning Environments (SOLE) Method. Pedagogical Implications for Primary Classes – 34

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Teodor Dumitru Vălcan

Deductibility and Analogy in the Study of Triangles (III) - The G-Cevian Triangle and the G-Circumcevian triangle – 39

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