Universitatea „1 Decembrie 1918” din Alba Iulia - Current and Future Perspectives on Teaching and Learning
Current and Future Perspectives on Teaching and Learning
Aims and scope

The journal entitled Current and Future Perspectives on Teaching and Learning aims to provide an emerging platform for exploration, promoting original research, sharing ideas and communication between scientists with various backgrounds related to education. The main focus of the journal is to create critical connexions between high quality academic research and educational practice. It attempts to constitute a valuable resource for teachers, educational researchers, counsellors, students, professionals involved in curriculum development, administrators and policy makers. The name of the journal emphasizes the view on learning as a dialogue between individuals and communities, in a sense that, on one hand, the learning process itself develops in communities of practice and it is shaped by them, and on the other hand, learning and education enable individuals and groups to improve, through their actions the quality of life in their communities.

The journal publishes original manuscripts that describe or synthesize research on topics related to education. Special consideration will be given to articles that will contribute to the advancement of educational practice through various methodologies: experimental research, correlational studies, ethnographies, narrative research, descriptive surveys or case studies, the in-depth analysis of the context and variables. The pertinent synthesis of available data, the strengths of arguments and the innovative character of conclusions are guidelines in evaluating the quality of every paper and to ensure in this way the quality of the publication.